Types of workplace

People can develop tunnel-vision when thinking about home-based work, restricting home-based work to the fields of either creative industries or start-up businesses, to teleworker or manufacturing pieceworker.  In reality there is a very wide range of different home-based occupations.  A 'one size fits all' design approach is often not helpful.  While both may be home-based workers, a single sculptor making vast installations out of rusty steel is likely to require a  different set of spaces to a social policy researcher with four children.

  • office
  • study
  • consulting room
  • studio
  • workshop
  • garage
  • shop
  • market
  • eating/drinking
  • extended use of domestic facilities, as in catering or childminding
  • caretaking/security
  • director's accommodation
  • staff accommodation
  • library
  • showroom
  • gallery
  • transforming space
  • multifunctional space

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