Spatial design strategy

This typology provides a tool for the design of a range of workhomes:


The first and most common type involves little [or no] spatial separation between the two functions. In these buildings the dwelling and the workplace aspect are contained in a single compartment, accessed from one entrance from the street. In some cases these are work-dominated and in others they are home-dominated [see ‘Dominant Function’]. A number of different models have been identified, including the ‘spare-bedroom’ model, the ‘double height space with mezzanine’ model and the ‘separation of functions by floor’ model. In some cases a single open-plan space is used, in a largely undifferentiated way, for both functions.


The second type involves a greater degree of spatial separation between the two functions. In these buildings two compartments, one residential and one workplace, are accessed from separate entrances off the street. These are generally equal-status workhomes, but can also be work-dominated or home-dominated. A number of different models have been identified. The most common is the ‘living accommodation above the workplace’ model, but ‘workplace beside the living accommodation’ and ‘workplace behind the living accommodation’ models have also been found. It is also possible to have ‘workplace over the living accommodation’ or ‘living accommodation behind the workplace’ models.


The third type involves the greatest degree of spatial separation. The two functions are contained in separate buildings at a short distance from each other. This distance has been set at two minutes walk, but this is fairly arbitrary. These are often equal-status workhomes or home-dominated, but can also be work-dominated. Two models are in common use, the ‘shed at the bottom of the garden’ model and the ‘mews with subsidiary access road’ model. However other models have also been  found, including ‘dwelling and workplace buildings behind a large gate’ and ‘dwelling and workplace buildings adjacent on the street’.


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