Patterns of Use

 A range of different patterns of use was identified, irrespective of the form of the workhome. This appeared to be dependant on

  • the occupation being carried out
  • the family structure of the home-based worker
  • the personality of the home-based worker
  • the space available

Dual-use space

Some workhomes include spaces used for both functions, either transforming according to time of day/ activity, or being organized to fulfill both functions simultaneously.

Dedicated workspace

Some workhomes include dedicated workspaces, organized only around the requirements of the occupation of the home-based worker.

Dedicated living space

Some workhomes include dedicated living spaces, organized only around the domestic functions of the home-based worker. 

Some workhomes consist purely of dual-use space; more artists and designers prefer this arrangement than any other occupation. Some workhomes consist of a combination of dedicated workspace and dedicated living space. And some workhomes consist of dual-use space and dedicated living space. Most, however, include a combination of these three types of space, in different proportions depending on the four factors identified above.


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