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Layer cake


Office/Study, Shop, Workshop/Studio, Consulting room, Public passing trade, Public appointment, Equal Status, Live-adjacent, Employees, No employees, Front Only, Medium, Large

Arrows indicate ‘front doors’, from the street or from a common circulation space, giving access to different parts of the building, which might be used by different home-based workers.

In this version, the ground floor is envisaged as florist’s shop, with direct access for the passing public. The domestic element is on the first floor. Once again, this might or might not be related to the workspaces below. On the top floor, with access to a roof terrace, a large, open-plan office might either be related to the shop or let to a different business.

An important precedent for the ‘layer cake’ type is the Corson Heinser workhome in San Francisco in which a husband and wife live on the first floor, each conducting a different businesses on the floors above and below.

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