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Office/Study, Consulting room, Public appointment, Private, Home Dominated, Live-with, No employees, Front Only, Medium

In this workhome, the home-based worker works in their bedroom. But, not wanting to look at their workspace when they are in bed, or be able to see their bed when they are at work, the room uses transforming furniture to change from workspace to bedroom and back again.

The bed folds up when it is not in use, clearing floorspace for the work activity. The desk/ workbench is hidden behind sliding-folding doors that tuck into wall reveals when the room is being used as a workspace. At the end of the working day the sliding-folding doors are closed, to hide the workspace, and the bed is lowered. Voila! Workspace becomes bedroom.

This helps home-based workers avoid the unprofessional or awkward situation of having to invite a supervisor, client or customer into their bedroom. The bedroom is hidden when they are working, and the workspace is hidden when they in bed.

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