Book: Beyond Live/Work: the architecture of home-based work.

25 February 2015

Millions of people work in their homes or live at their workplace every day. However until now the building that combines dwelling and workplace [‘workhome’] has not been analysed as a type. Here, Frances Holliss traces the history of the workhome, analysing its contemporary form and assessing its social, architectural and urban potential. Beautifully illustrated with pictures of largely forgotten buildings, this timely book is essential reading for professionals, academics, or students with an interest in the future of working life, its buildings and urban forms. It is also aimed at a wider readership, including home-based workers themselves.

See here for the latest reviews - from the RIBA Journal, and by The Independent journalist Alex Johnson on his Shedworking website. Also a review by Ken Worpole in Architecture Today; and a review on the LSE book review website, and here for a review on Europe’s leading website on flexible working.

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