Social policy researcher's workhome

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1 / 3 · C19 terraced house as workhome | © Frances Holliss

2 / 3 · Social policy researcher working at her kitchen table | © Frances Holliss

3 / 3 · The spare bedroom as office | © Frances Holliss

A social policy researcher works at home in her two-storey C19 terraced house.  She tends to have a number of projects on the go at any one time, which she works on in different locations.  She has a desk in her spare bedroom, which is not ideal as it means she can not work when visitors are staying. She also works on the kitchen table, but this all has to be cleared away before her children come home from school.  When stuck with something she is writing, she goes to her local cafe to work.  She also finds she works well at the local leisure centre when her daughter is at her gymnastics class.  

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