Photographer's transforming workhome

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1 / 3 · Living space in photographer's live/work unit | © Frances Holliss

2 / 3 · Living space transformed into photographic studio | © Frances Holliss

3 / 3 · Exterior of live/work unit | © Frances Holliss

A photographer with a small child inhabits a live/work unit with no clear demarkation of 'living' and 'working' space.  The living room transforms into a studio, several times a week.  This involves piling all the living room furniture onto the dining table.  The furniture is light and the photographer, who has the option of using a spare bedroom as a studio instead, does not mind moving it backwards and forwards. She prefers having a fixed space for visitors to stay.  Her unit is part of a large gated live/work development.  She likes the fact that her neighbours can see her working as they walk past her french windows.  Many of them also work from home in the creative industries.

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